The Cornwall Area of the
Military Vehicle Trust


Please send me your MVT Cornwall pictures (and words), past and present, that you can share with everyone.

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THE BIGGIE - Mount Edgcumbe 2016

Dare I suggest it was even better than 2015 .. I think it was !
Fantastic weather. Great event.
Loads of stunning displays from Medieval to Modern
A Star660 with fully erected antenna ... ooh missus !
Finally a crowd pleasing newbie BAB (... daftest puppy winner)


KOVC at Penhallow near Cider Farm
Good weather (only just) Great event

RB44 (legendary), Jeep, Jimmy, Matador, Hanomag, Magrius, Gaz66, Landy

Special mention to the SupaTwee ladders made for a rough-n-tuff Gaz66
(Nick... lots to answer for that boy has ! )

Cornwall Tractor Club (CTC) - a great event every year !
Saturday - sunny bordering on fantastic
Sunday - let's not mention the weather

NOTE: The Field Marshall is not photoshopped.
It really is Adrians dream come true !

Memorial Run pics (with a huge erection !)

Pentillie (thank John Hunt for the pics)

An assortment for your delectation !

Jan 3rd: Mince Pie and Choccie Cake Run
pics supplied by Awesome Lawson, but taken by Roger

RB44 photo with hidden Kaiser Jeep
(if you look really close)

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Check out Mount Edgcumbe the biggest Cornwall MVT event.